Forex Trading – No Dream is too big !!!

Jun 14, 2017

Hello Friends,

I believe you are doing well, but still desire to do better. We all want to live a dream life & wait for some magical day to make it happen. But the real life comes up with new challenges every day & maybe with the passage of time we lost our true desires & start accepting the life as it drives our way.

We, at Smart Pips India, work to achieve, to desire, to dream, to fulfill, to make you believe that “No Dream is too big”.

Our Team of professional experienced traders ensures to analyze market situations applying their fundamental & technical analysis to make a daily return (+0.5%  to +0.1% ) while you relax & live your dream life.

The market analyst tracks the market news, upcoming events, monetary policy decision, GDP, unemployment growth & market preferences etc. to understand the market trend & analyze the current movement.

Once the analyst has understood the market direction, it applies the technical analysis through a set of western technical indicators & candlestick patterns to confirm the fundamental position with their technical analysis.

Thus, by applying “dual confirmation” procedures, it mitigates the market risk to minimal & assists in sustaining the profitable growth. Also, the Fund managers(market analysts) prefer to close all their positions within a limited time frame ( usually Intra -day) to allow investors an easy entry & exit from the market at current market value.


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